Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Maybe I'm being paranoid, but...

I was walking home from school today, and I noticed a peculiar black Mercedes that seemed to be going slower than the rest of the cars. To put this in perspective, I have to walk down State Road 21 to get to my house, one of the busiest highways in the state. This car was going significantly slower than the rest, and so people were passing him. (I say significantly slower, I mean about fifteen to twenty miles under the speed limit.) Though it seemed as soon as I caught on that the car was tailing me, it sped off.

This makes me super uncomfortable. I really want to stop blogging about this, but I feel better if I share this with the world, rather than just keep it inside to ferment into something else. (Like neurosis!) 

The oddest part about the car, was the fact that it had no plates. That's really what scared me. 

1.) Nondescript black car
2.) Slow speed
3.) Absence of plates

I sincerely hope if I am being chased by the Men in Black, that it's the Will Smith version, and not the comic version. 

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See you later- c

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