Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Jericho, Kansas.

hey guys.

uh... shit.

over a month.

sorry about that. i just...

i had to get my bearings.

nothing bad has happened! 

so i guess that's a plus.

the motel is extended stay, so i've been living here for a while.

it's almost... normal, well save for the fact i don't know where i am, and plus, AND PLUS

No one on Facebook seems to care what happened to me.

it's freaky, like i was erased from existence or something.

whatever. the motel is nice, i have my computer and decent internet, and i have  a job here.

you're probably thinking "cecil, what the fuck? you don't know where you are, and you're completely chill with it?" i just roll with things, and see how they turn out. 

it's cool.

no biggie.

just deal with it.

anyway, Jericho is essentially a small town with a single grocery store, and a few fast food joints, with some other shops sprinkled in for good measure. the population is about 5,000. 
it's small and no one here has realized that i just came out of nowhere. they just dealt with my arrival as need be.

good town. 

hope it doesn't get nuked (hehehehehehehehe)

once i get enough cash from my job to leave, i will. sit tight everyone.

it's all good. for now, i guess. -C

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  1. Good that you are back andseemingly well, i was really worried :(