Tuesday, October 22, 2013


Queue those whoops! I got tons of plans, and tons of things coming up, many of which are Halloween related, if not all. I have a skating night on Friday, which is not as dumb as it sounds. It's actually pretty badass. The next day I have a costume/birthday party. And then fast-forward to Halloween, I'm going to a subdivision, so I can start scaring small children. Oh, yes, there will be shit in those children's trousers! 

Perhaps I am too excited by making four year-olds cry. I don't think so. Children are annoyances, and I dislike anything that wants more than they already have. "Mommy I want more!" "I'm sorry honey, we just spent over sixteen thousand fucking dollars on you. I can't get you another television. You already have six." "I WANT MOOOOOOOOORE" "FUCKING FINE, SHUT UP YOU LITTLE BASTARD."  I like to think I would be a great parent. My ideal child would be one who would shut up and just do work. Or I'd sell the fucker on EBay. 

Rant aside, I don't actually hate children that much. Just those spoiled pieces of shit who get more than I ever had, and still want some. Kids who respect people older than them are actually not that bad. I also have a soft spot for abused children. Not that I was abused. Oh hell no. I was treated better than the President's kids. It's just I find it sad how people beat their children for doing nothing more than living.

That was quite depressing. I apologize for that, but I felt like I needed to get that off my chest. Whoo! Three posts in a day! Yeah! PRODUCTIVITY IS KICKASS.

Not that I'm being productive. I'm actually supposed to be writing music right now, but I figured I should give more to my negative digit blog fans. So, yeah. Have fun! - Cecilio

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