Friday, November 1, 2013

A Very Awkward Halloween; starring Cecilio and the Girl he likes.

      My Halloween, by any standard other than my own, was very uneventful. I went to my crush's house to view "The Wicker Man" and then we dicked around her neighborhood. It would seem that I didn't have a nice time, but I did. I enjoyed being around her. I enjoyed listening to her laugh, and I loved talking to her. I felt super nervous, and so I spoke in a very hushed, dry tone, not really my speed.

      I ended up bumping into her a lot, which caused me to apologize a lot. She said it was cute, but I felt really paranoid, as I did not wanna fuck this up. This was my first relationship with a female in a while, and it seemed my social anxiety decided to take a nice piggyback while I went over. 

      We're probably going to hang out tomorrow, and hopefully I won't be all paranoid, and maybe I'll ask her out. That's being hopeful. Urgh, high school romance makes me feel weird. Like depressed, but hopeful. 

      Eric was at school today, but only for a short period of time. He more or less looked like really sickly and shit. He was there for about thirty minutes, and he went to all his classes to get work. I am worried about that kid. Not as worried as my love life, but still very worried. 

Enjoy Kiddies- Cecilio

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