Wednesday, November 6, 2013


I don't know why Eric's death hasn't affected me that much. It just hasn't. I haven't seen him in forever, and when I did he was really distant. Not really there. I think I had already coped with the loss of him. Metaphorically speaking of course.

Claire (my girlfriend) says I should also ask for help about this on my blog, even though I'm fine. It's a small thing, and I can get medicine for it anyway. But she says, so...

Since I was seven I've been getting blackouts where I just miss periods of time. Since most of the time I would have the blackouts was with my parents, they assured me that I didn't move, and no one knocked my unconscious, nothing of the sort. I sort of grew out of them until about a few weeks ago when they came back in 4th period, Psychology class. That was no fun, mainly because Psych is a fuckin' awesome class. But I lost the entire period from my mind, and when I "woke up", I was in the restroom stall, and I had burn marks on my wrist. It was probably just someone playing a prank on me. I'm not really the most popular kid in the school, and it would make sense for some douchebag to say "Hey, look that faggot's asleep, let's tie him up, and throw him in the bathroom." *Shrugs* No big deal.

I don't like getting them, and they usually make me nauseous when I "wake up" from one. Just *shudder* ergh. It makes me feel weird just talking about it. 

Anal Shipment- Cecil

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