Friday, November 22, 2013

Drama+Other Stuff

Cecil here, bros and girls. I'm attempting to make this short and snappy, as I'm tired and listening to the Flaming Lips. Anyway, since Greg posted about it, I'm not gonna go into detail, yeah. Greg got suspended for beating the shit out of this douche who was being a prick to his ex-girlfriend. Stellar. 

I'm surpisingly tired. I duno why. I slpt enugh. And I've been getting migraines. Is this because of the Flaming Lips? Why do yoi hate amazin art-pop body? WHY?

Whatever. I'm going to district cimpetition for theatre. Woot! I have to get up at liek 9:30 tommorrow, but yeah. Should be good. goodnight evryone! - C

Si autem somnium, vos comprehendant. Nulla. Nulla. Nulla. Quando evigilabo, et vere expergefactus, intelligitur quid scies. Quiescite ergo surge.

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