Tuesday, November 19, 2013

News Time, Children!

I spoke with Greg today after Psych class, and he told me that he had nothing to do with the binary stuffs. So I guess someone's been playing an elaborate prank on me, trying to weird me out and stuffs. It ain't workin'! I am sufficiently non-weirded out! Anywho, I've been talking to Claire and she's doing better. Her parents still may be getting a divorce, but at least she doesn't hate me! :D That's a good thing. I am glad. 

So in other news, I have changed my password and I have given the new one out to only two other people. Greg and Claire. Hopefully that will keep other pricks from lootin' around in my blog. Why would anyone want to take over this blog anyway? It's literally crap. I just write about shit that's going on until I get carpal tunnel. Go and jack a different one! -.-

Anywho, I have a Christmas/Boxing Day concert coming up! (FUCK YOU, BOXING DAY IS TOO A REAL HOLIDAY) And what will I be playing on piano? Well, none other than SBURBAN JUNGLE! THE QUINTESSENTIAL CHRISTMAS SONG, OBVIOUSLY! It's mainly just to showcase our talents, as this is an arts school. So I'm gonna be teaming up with a marimba player, a drummer and a synthesizer player. That's gonna be fun.

Also, I've begun reading a new webcomic called "I Am ARG". (It's new to me!) It's the most intelligent dirty humor since "Clerks."
I sincerely hope you check it out.
Url? Just Google the damn thing you uncultured swine!

Until Next Time! - C


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