Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Katanakka!

What is Katanakka, exactly? It's the day where the brave McNinja held their village against pirate invaders. Or not. It's probably some other day for most people. Welcomingsday? No, that's not it. Thanksgiving? That sounds a bit better, but not by much. Why would anyone give thanks?

(I sincerely hope you figured out that I was being facetious)

Any big news? Not really, except that Cecil's gone dark for a day. That's not really big. He usually talks to me every day though, whether by texts or phone call or Facebook comments. It's probably nothing. I'm probably just a bit paranoid on the bit of wine I've had today. 

Not really much to talk about now, as I am watching Star Trek: The Next Generation.  You don't talk while Patrick Stewart is talking. I MEAN IT. 

u wot m8? -Greg 

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