Friday, November 22, 2013

The Dane Chronicles: Chapter One (and possibly the final chapter I dunno yet)

I finally beat the flying fuck out of Dane. Am I proud of what I've done? A little bit. Never say that chivalry is dead. I defended a woman's honor. I AM A HERO. But I'm still suspended. 

How did it go down, you ask? More or less at a drama meeting in school there was minor bickering between Dane and Leslie, who are both in the club. I attempted to not intervene. It was up to the point that he called her a whore, and I snapped. I threw my arm around his shoulder and said "Dane, you and me are gonna go have a talk." And so I brought him outside, and the entire drama group followed. Dane stood in front of me and his body language essentially said "You gonna do something?" So I did. I swung and my fist connected with his jaw, and he slammed to the floor. I sorta blanked out after that, but Leslie told me that I wouldn't stop hitting him, and it took Johnathon (a linebacker, who also has a taste for the arts) to pull me off of him. Everyone essentially at first thought I had gone nuts, until Leslie told them what was going on, and then I was praised as a social-justice defender. Great. Just what I want to be remembered by. 

Anyway, I'm gonna be updating this blog, because I'm gonna be here for about a week. :D 
See ya guys. - Greg Shapely

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