Monday, November 18, 2013

not me dude.

Since Cecil's been bugging me, I'm Greg. I sorta-kinda-not really help Cecil out. He's an okay friend, but a bit paranoid sometimes. Anyway, he asked me to update some more on this blog, as I've never actually done that before. So yeah. I'm Greg. I am an amateur filmmaker from the same place Cecil's from. Jacksonville. I like airsoft. Yup. To continue, t'was not me who posted the binary. It could have literally been anyone, as Cecil hands out his info to anyone who asks, and to type in binary all you have to do is Google "binary translator" ain't that fuckin' hard.

To confirm Cecil, I haven't seen Claire at school either. We have two classes together, at the beginning and end of the blocks, so if she came in late, I'll usually have a chance to see her. But since Cecil's been kinda freaky in the past few days I think she's just taking some time off. I really do hope she's alright. 

But no. I didn't post the binary. So yeah. Find someone else to blame. (Seriously thanks for the access to your email and everything. You have like thirty-six notifications from Second-Life you need to get sorted out dude) - Gregory Shapely

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