Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Well, Sorry 'bout that + Transcript of argument between me and Chris

I felt like giving an air of mystery around my blog for fun. That last post was just a little ARG I was in, along with a few other members of the Slender Nation forum. I found it quite fun. It ended anticlimactically, but I enjoyed myself nonetheless. 

On another note, yes. Eric is dead, and yes that is partially why I haven't updated. I was shocked, and horrified, but I soon moved on, and coped with the loss of Eric. The main issue is that Chris (Eric's brother) blames me for Eric's suicide, that it was somehow my fault. All I have to ask is... How the fuck is it my fault that Eric went and OD'd? I didn't give him the drugs, hell I didn't even know he was on Zoloft. He told me to not go to the funeral, with which I responded with "Fuck that."

More or less, here's a transcript of what happened, when Eric came to my house. I got it recorded, mainly because I was in the middle of doing a podcast.

Cecil: And so, yeah Watch Dogs has been delayed, and a ton of people, myself included, are extremely pissed off.

[Door knock]

Cecil: Excuse me a second my friends, I seem to have a visitor. A first for the Cecil Barnes podcast!

[Cecil approaches the door, and opens it.]

Cecil: Uh... Chris? Hey man, what's up? 

[Chris does not respond]

Cecil: I'm in the middle of doing a podcast, so if you could like let me step outside and-

[Chris pushes past Cecil , and walks into his house]

Cecil: Or, you could walk in, yeah that's fine too.

Chris: He's dead.

Cecil: [Nervous laugh] What? Who's dead?

Chris: Eric. Eric's fucking dead.

Cecil: What? Uh... you're joking right? 

Chris: [Yelling] Do I look like I'm fucking joking?! 

Cecil: [Deep breath] Wait, so Eric's dead? What the fuck happened?

Chris: [Still yelling] He overdosed on his medication! HE FUCKING KILLED HIMSELF.

Cecil: Oh my god

Chris: Yeah, and you know what? I know you had something to do with it.

Cecil: [Taken Aback] What?! What the fuck are you talking about?

Chris: You were the ONLY one to have talked with him! What did you say, huh? What did you tell him?

Cecil: What? No! I haven't talked with him. That's the deal! I haven't seen him, since like fucking today, at school!


[Chris pulls out a switchblade and lunges at Cecil]


[There's a scuffle, and the clattering of metal against wood is heard.]

Cecil [growls] Get. Out. Of. My. House.

[Chris runs out of the door.]

Cecil: Fuck this.

[End podcast]

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